• Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (MD) LCM 162
  • Marriage and Family Therapist (CA) MFC 29681
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (DC) LMFT 99
  • Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT 626)
  • AAMFT Clinical Fellow
  • AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Biographical Details for Patrizia Pallaro

Patrizia Pallaro Formerly director of a psychiatric residential and day treatment program in San Francisco; faculty member at John F. Kennedy University’s Transpersonal and Holistic Counseling Center in Oakland, adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute (Santa Barbara, CA), Patrizia has an extensive background in mental health, counseling and partial hospitalization philosophy. She is a faculty member of the International Psychotherapy Institute (Chevy Chase, MD), of Art Therapy Italiana (Bologna, Italy), as well as a clinical supervisor and lecturer in the Dance/Movement Therapy Department of the Institute of Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis in Moscow (Russia). A native Italian, Patrizia Pallaro is bilingual with experience in cross-cultural and acculturation issues, which she applies in her private practice. She works with families, couples and individuals, informed by interpersonal neuro-affective-biology principles, and integrating authentic movement principles into her practice as tools for understanding inner processes and bodily-felt experiences. As a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, Patrizia helps couples enter a committed relationship in a structured and safe environment. A writer and editor, Patrizia Pallaro’s articles have appeared in numerous scholarly journals, in English and Italian. She has compiled and edited two volumes on Authentic Movement, published by Jessica Kingsley. Former co-editor of the American Journal of Dance Therapy, she is currently one of the editors at the Authentic Movement Community Blog, and sits on the editorial boards of several academic journals.

Publications By Patrizia Pallaro

Authentic Movement: Moving the Body, Moving the Self, Being Moved

Read more and order from Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
‘It is very valuable to have [this collection of articles] all together in one place…a rich repository of insights and experiences for all the somatic disciplines. It is a wonderful collection of articles.’ - Somatics 1999/2000
Pallaro-vol-2-1-84310-768-6_precisaDescription: Authentic Movement is a new discipline aiding the creative process in choreography, writing, theatre performance, dance, graphic and expressive arts, deepening spiritual journeys and meditative states, as well as intensifying personal processes in psychotherapy, meditation and conflict resolution. This second volume on Authentic Movement is an engaging and dynamic collection of scholarly essays, personal stories, practical suggestions and resources. It reflects cutting edge work on creative expression, meditative discipline and psychotherapeutic endeavour. This authoritative collection will be indispensable for practitioners of Authentic Movement, students and teachers working in the field of dance therapy, art therapists and psychoanalysts.

Authentic Movement

Read more and order from Jessica Kingsley Publishers. bookcoverDescription: Authentic Movement, an exploration of the unconscious through movement, was largely defined by the work of Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow. The basic concepts of Authentic Movement are expressed for the first time in one volume through interviews and conversations with these important figures, and their key papers. They emphasize the importance of movement as a means of communication, particularly unconscious or ‘authentic’ movement, emerging when the individual has a deep, self-sensing awareness – an attitude of ‘inner listening’. Such movement can trigger powerful images, feelings and kinesthetic sensations arising from the depths of our stored childhood memories or connecting our inner selves to the transcendent. In exploring Authentic Movement these questions are asked:
  • How does Authentic Movement differ from other forms of dance and movement therapy?
  • How may Authentic Movement be experienced?


  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist (VA) # 081000529
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist (MD) # 05910
  • PTI-CFS Psychoanalytic Candidate

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patrizia-MJphotoA Maryland and Virginia licensed psychologist, Matthew Johnson holds:
  • Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Pennsylvania State, University (2015, University Park, PA)
  • Master of Arts in Psychoanalysis from the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis (2008, Brookline, MA)
Dr. Johnson currently works as a clinical psychologist for the United States Navy and has extensive experience with adolescents, adults, couples, and families in a myriad of professional settings including inpatient hospitals, outpatient treatment centers, hospice care, community health centers, correctional facilities, substance abuse treatment centers, and college counseling centers. Dr. Johnson uses a psychodynamic frame that employs integrative techniques in hopes of providing a culturally responsive environment where individuals are free to explore and try new ways of being within the safe confines of the therapeutic situation. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Johnson enjoys teaching undergraduate, graduate, and professional students about psychology. Most recently, he has taught classes at the United States Naval Academy, Harlem Hospital, and Brooklyn College. Additionally, he is working on a post- doctoral master’s degree in psychopharmacology and is a psychoanalytic candidate at the Psychoanalytic Training Institute of the Contemporary Freudian Society. His research interests include military psychology, transference, countertransference, phase of life issues, the creative process, and the healing process as it pertains to psychological trauma.