For Therapists


While some believe that a therapist has to be immune from conflicts or perfectly able to navigate life currents, literature reviews and research studies indicate that personal psychotherapy for psychotherapists is of utmost importance. Not only it is necessary to experience what it feels like to be in therapy (how can we expect our own clients to be vulnerable otherwise?), but also, psychotherapists need a safe and confidential forum for self-care as well as to understand the impact of un-metabolized projections and projective identifications in the therapist-client dyad.

Patrizia Pallaro offers her expertise, in a confidential setting, to therapists who want to deepen their self-understanding.

Supervision and Consultation

As an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and, in the state of California, a Marriage and Family Therapy Certified Supervisor, she provides skilled individual and group supervision. As a board-certified dance/movement therapist, she supervises dance/movement therapists nationally and internationally. Her field of expertise is interpersonal neuro-affective-psychobiology, the interweaving of affective experience and self-reflection, how the unconscious reveals itself through movements, gestures, body sensations, and dreams.