Our Approach

Moving the Self Psychotherapy Center offers psychotherapeutic services based on the interrelation of body, mind, and emotion.

Sometimes words are not enough to get to the source of the discomfort. Words are necessary to delve into personal life stories, yet at times, movement, sensory body-oriented processing, as well as expressive arts can be used in order to aid in the discovery of personal blocks, resistances, hidden beliefs and inner conflicts interfering with life being lived at its full potential. Discover more about the mind-body approach.

Our Staff

Our clinical director is Patrizia Pallaro, LCMFT, BC-DMT. She is a faculty member of the International Psychotherapy Institute (Chevy Chase, MD), of Art Therapy Italiana (Bologna, Italy), as well as a clinical supervisor and lecturer in the Dance/Movement Therapy Department of the Institute of Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis in Moscow (Russia). A native of Italy, she speaks both Italian and English. Find out more about Patrizia Pallaro.

Tiphanie Gibbs, PhD A retired Navy veteran, Dr. Tiphanie Gibbs has experience counseling military members and their families who struggle with relationship, parenting, and work/life balance issues. She works with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families, offering couple therapy, outpatient mental health, and crisis intervention services. Find out more about Tiphanie Gibbs. 


Patrizia Pallaro writes about movement as a means of expression, especially unconscious or ‘authentic’ movement. Her work reflects cutting edge work on creative expression, meditative discipline and psychotherapeutic endeavor. Her books include essays, personal stories, practical suggestions and resources. These are indispensable resources for practitioners of Authentic Movement, students and teachers working in the field of dance therapy, art therapists. See Publications.

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