Moving the Self Psychotherapy Center is devoted to helping individuals, families, and couples on their journeys to discover their full, authentic selves. Cultural awareness and expertise inform our practice. Our staff has experience in gender, sexual identity and orientation, multicultural, cross-cultural, and acculturation issues.

Our goal is to provide a refuge from the confusion we sometimes experience in our daily lives, a time to clarify what’s important and what’s not important and a safe place to begin making changes.

Anxious about taking that first step?

In psychotherapy, we talk about your feelings in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance. The benefits range from feeling better equipped to navigate through life to becoming less depressed, worried, anxious or angry about your life circumstances. Learn more.  

A range of services to meet all needs

We offer a wide range of services: premarital counseling, couple psychotherapy, family therapy, dance movement therapy, consultation, supervision and teaching. Learn more about these services  

Sometimes words are not enough …

We may use movement to aid in the discovery of personal blocks, resistances, hidden beliefs, and inner conflicts interfering with life being lived at its full potential. Find out about how we use movement and expressive arts as a vehicle for self-expression, understanding, healing, and growth.  Learn more.